Three traditions (Methodist, Presbyterian, Congregational) came together in 1977 to form the Uniting Church in Australia. For more information please refer to the founding document of the Uniting Church Basis of Union. 


The Uniting Church in Australia consists of diverse people – diverse backgrounds, diverse experiences, diverse heritages, diverse cultures, diverse understandings of God, life and our place in the world. While we are diverse there are some key factors in our beliefs and that which is held passionately, sacred and reverent. In our diversity we are united in Christ. For more detailed information on what the Uniting Church believe please refer to the Assembly Website


  • We believe in the Triune God – Creator, Son and Spirit (three in one).
  • We believe in Jesus Christ. The Word of God present from the beginning of time who came in flesh as Jesus, to reveal God’s goodness, saving grace and presence for all creation (John 1).


Through Christ’s life, death and resurrection we witness transformation of lives; compassion and justice for those marginalised, excluded, alienated and forgotten; freedom for those holding burdens; forgiveness and release; reconciliation with God and each other; unconditional love (1 John 4:7-8).


  • We believe in the Holy Spirit who empowers us to seek unity among people who follow Christ (John 17:21).
  • We uphold the importance of the Scriptures (Old and New Testament) as a living document, in which we hear the Word of God and by which our faith and obedience are nourished and regulated.
  • We believe in the ‘Priesthood of all believers’, where every person is unique and valued and as members of the church we have gifts given by the Holy Spirit for building up one another in love. In Christ we are one (Gal 3:28).
  • We believe Christ’s church has an Acts 1:8 mandate and a Matthew 28:16-20 commission to witness to Jesus and go and make disciples of all the world.
  • We believe in two sacraments – Holy Communion and Baptism.